Meeting Pinion the Alchemist


Hero: Excuse me, sir?
Hero: We're sorry to bother you… you're Pinion, right?
Hero: Alchemist and moglin specialist?
Hero: We have a problem we could really use your help with…
Hero: They drank this EggMog that -
Pinion (Alchemist): Eh? What's that?
Pinion (Alchemist): You're gonna have to speak up there, sonny. Grandpa can't hear you!
Hero: Sonny..?
Pinion (Alchemist): Have you seen my glasses? I can't see a blasted thing.
Hero: (Sigh)
Hero: I don't suppose you have some kind of magical hearing aids, too?
Pinion (Alchemist): Probably ought to find my hearing aids, too.
Hero: …Sure thing, man.

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