Meeting Senator Adrias


Hero: Excuse me, are you senator Adrias?
Senator Adrias: I am. And you're <hero>.
Senator Adrias: You've come on behalf of Constantine…
Senator Adrias: … And you'd like me to stay silent when He issues his challenge to the Were-king.
Hero: How did you?
Senator Adrias: People talk, when the talk is interesting.
Senator Adrias: I'm willing to consider Constantine's proposal.
Hero: Hmmm. Why?
Senator Adrias: What as astute question. you're clearly more clever than you smell.
Senator Adrias: I'm interested in power.
Senator Adrias: In the chaos, that follows the overthrow of Lucianius Rex, certain opportunities will be created.
Hero: You don't want the throne for yourself?
Senator Adrias: Book and Blade, No!
Senator Adrias: Kings get overthrown.
Hero: Fair point.
Hero: So what do you need from me?
Senator Adrias: A trifle really. Just tidy up my beloved moon plaza..
Senator Adrias: … And recover an item of mine.

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