Meeting Senator Sevro


Hero: Senator Sevro?
Senator Sevro: Well, if it isn't the new Coliseum champion.
Senator Sevro: Come to indulge in a little post-sport snack?
Hero: Actually, I've come on behalf of Constantine.
Hero: He has a plan and a favor to ask.
Senator Sevro: That blonde mutt is one of the craftiest Lycan's I've ever made.
Senator Sevro: Is he planning to take a senate seat ?
Hero: Actually, he plans to overthrow Lucianius Rex so he can make peace with his sister, the Vampire Queen.
Hero: All he needs is for you to stay silent when he makes his challenge.
Senator Sevro:
Senator Sevro: HA!
Senator Sevro: I'm in!
Hero: Just like that?
Senator Sevro: He's my pupil and I recognized his natural talent for leading this pack of fleabags right away.
Senator Sevro: Constantine would be a great Were-king… But I'd do it just to see the look on Lucy's face.
Hero: Lucy?
Senator Sevro: Lucianius Rex. He Hates when I call him that.
Senator Sevro: But my silence won't mean much unless you help me regain some of my reputation.
Hero: What do you need?
Senator Sevro: Two small tasks to show the rest of the Lycans that I'm still in control of my area… the Werewolf Alcove.

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