Meeting Skalazar

Locations/Replays: Dragon Graveyard Tower

Skalazar (Lich): So, Zakaru. You’ve crawled out of your little cave…
Skalazar (Lich): …And you’ve brought a friend.
Zakaru (Caretaker): The souls cry out to be released from your crystal, Skalazar.
Skalazar (Lich): Ah yes, thank you for releasing all those dragon souls.
Skalazar (Lich): It was quite a rush of power feeling them all getting drawn into my crystal at once.
Skalazar (Lich): Now I’m twice as powerful when I took your tower from you, Caretaker.
Skalazar (Lich): You had a good run, but this is MY tower now.
Skalazar (Lich): Leave my Dragon Graveyard.
Hero: This is the sacred burial ground of the dragons, Skalazar.
Hero: Some twisted lich could never understand the real power here.
Zakaru (Caretaker): HEY!
Hero: I meant him, not you.
Zakaru (Caretaker): Oh.
Skalazar (Lich): Enough of this. I will add your pathetic souls to my collection.

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