Meeting Slash Catch'Em


Slash Catch'Em: What are you looking at, chowderhead?
Hero: You're… not a Dreadite?
Slash Catch'Em: Good observation there, genius. Now, do you need something or are you just here to annoy me?
Hero: I'm looking for three heroes who go bu the names—
Slash Catch'Em: Hackett, Tempyst, and Augie?
Slash Catch'Em: I remember those bozos. They came by saying they were here to make things better.
Slash Catch'Em: Load of nonsense that turned out to be. All those knuckleheads manged to do was make the demon angrier.
Slash Catch'Em: Next thing I know, there are even more Dreadites mucking about, and those "heroes" go missing.
Slash Catch'Em: And who's left to deal with all the extra Dreadites? Yours truly, of course.
Hero: What do you mean the heroes have gone missing?
Slash Catch'Em: Exactly what it sounds like: they disappeared.
Slash Catch'Em: One minute the're looking around the forest making a mess of things…
Slash Catch'Em: … Then I hear screaming bloody murder one after another, and then nothing.
Hero: And you didn't think tp help them?
Slash Catch'Em: Hey pal, I don't appreciate your line of questioning.
Slash Catch'Em: I've got my own problems dealing with all these Dreadite roaming around.
Slash Catch'Em: I can't do that if I'm stuck babysitting a bunch of hoity-toity heroes who think they're better than me.
Slash Catch'Em: And, hey, it's not like I didn't warn them about messing with that Ol' Cranky So-and-so Kul'Zandar. They knew the risk.
Hero: Yeah… I get the picture.
Hero: I better get back to Mysterious Johnson and fill him in one this new information.
Slash Catch'Em: You know Mysterious Johnson?
Slash Catch'Em: You tell that old kook that Slash Catch'Em wants his money for all the oddities he's sent him. You hear?
Hero: Yeah… I'll be sure to pass that along.

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