Meeting Speck


Speck (Heroic Mouse): Thou art the hero, <Hero>. Aren't thee?
Hero: Uh… Yes. That's me.
Hero: What's the problem little mouse?
Speck (Heroic Mouse): I am Speck and my people are beset by the wicked Vurrmen.
Hero: No offense, but aren't all your people vermin?
Speck (Heroic Mouse): Thou misunderstandeth. Not vermin. The VURRMEN!
Speck (Heroic Mouse): For many a year, the Mouse kingdom did thrive, unseen, in the walls of the inn.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): The mice and the people, living side by side in harmony.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): Then everything changed when the Rat Nation attacked.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): Their leader, the Vurrmenator, somehow controls the other creatures of the walls.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): For too long we hath lived under the yoke of the Vurrmenator's oppression.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): I hath come to beseech thee thy help on behalf of the mousekin.
Hero: I'd help if I could but… I'm a little too big to get into that mousehole.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): I hath thought long on that.
Speck (Heroic Mouse): Could not the great mage, Warlic, use his arts to make thee a more reasonable size?
Hero: It couldn't hurt to ask. I'll be back.

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