Meeting Squee


Squee (Tavern Mascot): *deep, guttural, growling noises*
Hero: What's up with this Moglin?
Boog (Trolluk Tavern Owner): Just ignore Squee.
Boog (Trolluk Tavern Owner): Always been like that. Ain't ya, Squee?
Squee (Tavern Mascot): *creepy possessed voice* SQUEE'S NOT HERE ANYMORE.
Hero: Looks like someone scratched "free me" in the bar here.
Squee (Tavern Mascot): *creepy possessed voice* ALL TALK AND NO BATTLE MAKES SQUEE A DULL BOY.
Boog (Trolluk Tavern Owner): Cut it out, Squee. Anyway, everyone knows you're a girl.
Squee (Tavern Mascot): Depends on who's driving.

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