Meeting Sulfin


???: Ahhhhh! Zombie-Ghost-Pirate!
Hero: Wrong on all three counts.
???: What… A topsider?
Hero: Hey, you got it right this time.
???: What are you doing here?
Hero: Pearl sent me to look for any Atlantians who might've gotten lost in the Locker.
Hero: I'm guessing you're on of them.
???: I'm afraid so - "Afraid" being the operative word.
???: I came out here looking for weapons from the topside, but fear of the dangers around here has left me trapped.
???: See, I am a blacksmith by trade, and I wish to study weapons from the world above to make grander weapons…
???: But for all my skill with a hammer, I'm not brave enough to venture out in the world… Let alone the Locker.
Hero: Well, you're safe now. And if it is weapons from the top-side you're interested in, perhaps I can help you with that.
???: Truly?! Oh, I would be forever grateful.
Sulfin (Blacksmith): My name is Sulfin. Come see me in Atlantis so we can discuss this further.
Sulfin (Blacksmith): And thank you for your help today.

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