Meeting Vane The Voidking

Locations/Replays: DEATH - Death's Lair (Story)

Hero: Is that… Vane? I figured an epic quest would take longer.
Vane (The Voidking): Haha! <Hero>? Death chose you to be his champion?
Hero: You… know who I am?
Vane (The Voidking): Do you? In your first life, you were a LEGEND!
Vane (The Voidking): But that was long ago…
Vane (The Voidking): … people no longer sing songs of your deeds.
Hero: That's too bad. Now, give me the key!
Vane (The Voidking): I would hope that the great <Hero> would be something of a challenge.
Vane (The Voidking): …but like your memory, your strength and skills have withered away.
Vane (The Voidking): Still, you're welcome to try and take it from me.
Hero: Is that all you got, Void King?
Vane (The Voidking): I will make you wish you COULD die.
Hero: I'm… really going to need… that key.
Vane (The Voidking): You made a mistake accepting Death's deal, <Hero>.
Vane (The Voidking): The key no longer serves Death, and this world is bound for the void.
Vane (The Voidking): I can't kill you yet, but you are powerless to stop me. See for yourself…

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