Battle Maid(en)
Welcome to Yulgar's Inn!

Kickstarter Perks
Thank you for what you did for this world! You can now go to the Founder's Sanctuary to get all of your rewards and perks as they are released. Would you like to go there now?

- Go To The Sanctuary

Alpha/Beta Perks
If you participated in the Alpha or Beta tests you can get your rewards at the Founder's Sanctuary. It is a floating monument in the clouds. Would you like to go there now?

- Go To The Sanctuary

Did you get something nice from HeroMart? You can find your bonus items here!

- 2017 Calendar Shop
- 2018 Calendar Shop

Your Collections
You can access all your collections from here!

- 2017 Pirate Collection
- 2017 Mogloween Collection (Shop)
- 2017 Frostval Collection
- 2018 Dage Collection

- Go To The Sanctuary
- Yulgar's Inn? (Cutscene)
- Battlemaid?
- Alpha Knight Quests
- Community Capes

Location: Yulgar's Inn

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