Mess Hall


Hero: *Knock Knock* Hello! I was send by ArchCounciller Dottie to…
Skeeter: *Hicup!* This Moglinberry Juice is soooooo….. soooo… where'd I put it?
Hero: I thought Moglinberry Juice was strictly forbidden in camp?
Skeeter: *Wisburp* You… you know what ELSE is forbidden?
Hero: Summoning murderous monster fiends from 9th circle of the underworld?
Skeeter: NO! Raiding ol' ArchCurmudgeon Doodeee's secret stash…
Hero: Couldn't you get in serious trouble for that?
Skeeter: Pffft! I'm a W..w..wa…Wizard… NO ONE can catch me!
Skeeter: …and ya'know what I am going to do with my magic next?
Skeeter: *Hic* Gonna make that entire bottle of Moglinberry juice disappear… laters!
Door: *Door slams shut*

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