Metrea's Rogue Shop (Old)

Location: Metrea - Class Trainers
Note: Also see Metrea's Rogue Shop.

Name Level Price
Class.png Rogue 1 100 Gold
Armor.png Rogue Outfit uncommonsmall.png 1 100 Gold
Armor.png Russet Leather Outfit uncommonsmall.png 1 2,500 Gold
Belt.png Rogue Leather Belt raresmall.png uncommonsmall.png 2 400 Gold
Boot.png Leather Boots uncommonsmall.png 1 100 Gold
Boot.png Shadow Leather Boots raresmall.png uncommonsmall.png 4 600 Gold
Glove.png Rogue Gloves raresmall.png uncommonsmall.png 1 100 Gold
Weapon.png Adventurer's Dagger commonsmall.png 1 100 Gold
Weapon.png Bandit Blade uncommonsmall.png 6 1,200 Gold
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