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Mia J. Park's music is so chill and soothing. I remember seeing her as the Mer'Angel in AdventureQuest World's Valentines Day Event.

About Mia J. Park
Brace yourself for sultry, sweet, ethereal vibes! Mia Josefine is an Australian born and bred singer-songwriter. She is one half of due 'Smoke and Stardust'. one half of due 'Orenda' and you may know her as lead vocalist for cover band 'Summersalt'. Mia the 'Mer'angel' (Half mermaid, half battle angel) character from Artix Entertainment's Adventure Quest Worlds computer game. Her diverse style leans towards pop, acoustic, blues and folk. Playing 'by ear', Mia creates her own music largely on the piano/keyboard and more recently on the ukulele.
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20th Anniversary Event
This special event is happening across TWO games at the same time! Special guests include Elvira, Aurelio Voltaire, George Lowe, Kimberly Freeman, Mia J Park, Audio Rate FM, and Beleen.

Check out the official event page for more information.
- Event Webpage

Location: Yulgar's Inn

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