Midnight Rush


Hero: Well, that was all of them. Everyone one of those little floof gremlins is trapped and accounted for.
Chilly (Little Frost Moglin): Thank goodness! Chilly thought for sure they'd destroy the whole village…
Chilly (Little Frost Moglin): But we have another problem, <Hero> - It's getting close to midnight!
Hero: Aw, man. That was another of Pinion's rules, wasn't it?
Chilly (Little Frost Moglin): Yes. If they don't get the antidote before midnight… they stay like this FOREVER!
Hero: We've gotta find a way to make them take it!
Chilly (Little Frost Moglin): Oh, that's easy.
Chilly (Little Frost Moglin): We'll just hide it in some warm gingerbread!
Hero: Haha, what?
Chilly (Little Frost Moglin): Yeah! That's how Chilly got tricked into taking his medicine when he was little…
Hero: And you think it will work on Moglinsters, too?
Chilly (Little Frost Moglin): Don't see why not. Everyone loves gingerbread!

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