Minor Miner


Hero: Shouldn't you be in school?
Heston (Minor Miner): Probably, but I'm helping put food on the table.
Heston (Minor Miner): Or, at least, I was… until the Outcast Hand took over the mine and the elementals in Glowing Depths went insane.
Heston (Minor Miner): They drove off all the other miners and shut the mine down.
Hero: Why did the bandits take over Silverstone Mine?
Heston (Minor Miner): Because they heard we found something valuable.
Hero: Did you?
heston (Minor Miner): Yes. I don't know much about magic but I know a rare mineral when I see one.
Heston (Minor Miner): This green crystal isn't like anything that I've ever seen. It was pulsing… like it was alive.
Heston (Minor Miner): Those bandits can keep the crystal. I just want them out and the elementals at peace so I can get back to work.

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