Unraveling the secrets to death is thirsty work. I prefer to work here in the tavern.

Curse of Darkness
Darkovia is a land engulfed by eternal darkness. Some say that the unnatural darkness itself is alive. It slowly creeps and crawls forth, invading the nearby lands. The eerie moon that perpetually lurks in the sky has never set. No living person has seen so much as a ray of sunlight pierce the unnatural darkness and perpetual moon make this region the perfect home to vampires, werewolves, and other creatures of the night.

Shadowsong Crypt
Not all vampires bent a knee to King Dracus. One such example is a renegade faction of vampires known as The Unbound. They have claimed the coffin-filled Shadowsong crypt as their home. Giving into their bloodlust, they feed in a careless frenzy. What they gain in power from this, they lost equally in the form of rational, sane thought. Be wary; should you encounter one of these crazed vampires, they bite first and ask questions after you become their thrall.

The Darkhurst Fountain
No one in Darkhurst actually believes this tale but legend says that, just before the Blood Mon, the crystal clear waters of the fountain in the center of town will flow red. What the legend omits is it is the same water that flows to our sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.

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