Morrigan's Warning


Morrigan (Traitor to the Order): …You assured me you would handle them. That fool Arathor has been hunting me relentlessly, and now there are reinforcements from the Bulwark…
Morrigan (Traitor to the Order): My power is weakened from my last encounter. Summoning Voidrakar takes a lot out of me, but… I will lend you my aid in ridding me of these troublesome knights.
Morrigan (Traitor to the Order): You best not fail me, Grady. If they survive, and you somehow escape…
Morrigan (Traitor to the Order): I'll kill you myself.
Grady Deighton (Leader of the Merchants of Death): So uh, I take it… you're not interested in a refund?
«Scene: Morrigan stares at Grady in silence.»
Morrigan (Traitor to the Order): … When the time is right, break this crystal.
«Scene: Morrigan hands the crystal to Grady.»
Merchant of Death: Grady! Boss, sir! The Bulwark are here!
Morrigan (Traitor to the Order): You'd better not disappoint me, Grady.
«Scene: Morrigan vanishes into thin air.»
Grady Deighton (Leader of the Merchants of Death): Well, she's gone…
Grady Deighton (Leader of the Merchants of Death): What have I gotten myself into?

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