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Shadow Moglin
Happy New Yea…. ergh! It's so freaking bright! Who left that cursed day star on…

Where's the 20th Anniversary Event?
The 20th Anniversary Event? That's over. Was a blast. Good guests. Very daaaark guests. Tell the team to do more stuff like that this year!

The event may be over, but some of those areas will return as stand-alone adventures. So if you started quests there, you will be able to complete them.

Your 20th Anniversary Black Collection and Trove from the event can be accessed by talking to Hootenheim at the Battleon Bank. You can also access it on me, while I am in town.

Who are you?
Meee? I'm Mort. Used to be assistant to the greatest dungeon maker in the world. You probably haven't heard of those dungeons though. Hard to go viral with news of a killer dungeons when not a single hero has ever survived one.

Adventure Menu
If you are looking for what to do next, open your adventures menu. It is the book icon or walk up to the travel portal. Get up to date by completing any stories you have not finished yet. This includes the new Atlantis release. If you like your adventures dark, start preparing for the upcoming Nulgath: Part III:

Other special events
You can play through our past adventures with special guests Aurelio Voltaire, MoistCr1TiKaL, and D-Piddy!
- Return to Skull Punch Isle
- The Moistverse w/ MoistCr1TiKaL
- DreadFool w/ D-Piddy

- Your 20th Anniversary Trove


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