Mortal Terror


Valerio (Terrified Woodsman): I'm so dead I'm so dead… what am I…
Hero: What? Where did Valerio go?
Ghost Dog (Vengeful Spirit): I'm sorry that you got involved in this. This is Valerio's punishment, not yours.
Hero: Punishment?
Ghost Dog (Vengeful Spirit): I cannot kill him. He has been dead for ages.
Ghost Dog (Vengeful Spirit): He lives a wicked life and his punishment is to be my prey. Forever running in fear.
Ghost Dog (Vengeful Spirit): He cannot remember that he is dead because the dead have no fear and he must be afraid.
Hero: That's awful. What did he do to deserve this?
Ghost Dog (Vengeful Spirit): It does not matter. His sins are long forgotten. All that remains is his eternal punishment.
Hero: That's not right. Every soul deserves rest eventually.
Ghost Dog (Vengeful Spirit): My purpose is revenge, not justice.
Ghost Dog (Vengeful Spirit): I have enjoyed our battles. You are always welcome in Whitaker Forest…
Ghost Dog (Vengeful Spirit): … But Valerio is mine.
Valerio (Terrified Woodsman): What? What was I just doing…?
Valerio (Terrified Woodsman): Help! You have to help me!
Valerio (Terrified Woodsman): I'm being hunted by the Ghost Dog of Whitaker Forest…

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