What an absolutely glorious day to engage in the finest leisure sport to grace Lore… fishing!

Fishing Rod Quests
Cheerio! What's that you say? Would you like to partake in the wondrous experience of fishing in the Pointe Less Isles? Sadly, it seems you must acquire a MUCH sturdier Fishing Rod. Mayhaps Benthos in The Isle of the Dead would assist you?

Requires completion of the 'That Special Flesh' quest to access this quest
- Fishing Rod Quests

Requires completion of the 'Top of Her Game' quest to access this quest
Afternoon Tea-bake
Say… up for a sip of tea with a side of seafood?
- Seabake!

Fish Snacks
Might you wish to share a bite? It does seem to be the hour for tea.
- Level 6 Fishy Yums
- Level 12 Fishy Yums
- Level 24 Fishy Yums
- Pointeless Isle Yums

Location: Pointe Less Isle

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