Museum Lobby Checked Out


Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Hey! You're back. What did you think?
Hero: I mean, it's EMPTY and it still could use a little work, but I see a lot of potential.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Me too. Imagine my surprise when I found out I had inherited it from an old relative.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): I wan in Arcangrove working on my Chronomancy studies when I heard about it.
Hero: You are a Chronomancer? That's so cool.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Thanks.
Hero: Is there anything I can do to help?
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Now that you mention it… I DO have something that you could do to help get this lobby looking amazing.
Hero: I'm in. What can I do?
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Well at Arcangrove Academy, I specialized my skills with what is known as the Sisters of Time.
Hero: Is this a cult?
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): No no no. The Sisters of Time are an offshoot of Chronomancy, who believe that the fabric of time and space consists of focused energy that they "Moments".
Hero: Moments?
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Yup. Once you can find moments of time and space, you can use them to create all sorts of Chronomancy spells.
Hero: And how does one find one of these "Moments"?
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): That's the great part! They are everywhere!
Hero: I'm hooked on this idea. How can I help? When can we start letting people in!?
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): Before we let the public in, I feel we need a good opening exhibit.
Hero: What exhibit do you think will work?
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): That's my issue! Lore is SO AMAZING, I don't know where to start.
Hero: Wow, I see what you mean. I've been adventuring around for a while and I wouldn't be able to pick my favorite either.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): This is tough. We want it to be something the town will be interested in.
Hero: I've got it! How about I go around and ask some of the residents in town what they would like to see.
Danicka Rose (Museum Curator): That's a great idea! Get the people involved, and maybe generate a little hype for the opening.
Hero: I have some ideas of who to ask. I'll start right away.
Hero: I won't let you down! I'm excited to see some Time Magic!

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