My Head Hurts...


Note: Previously called "Meeting Vane".

Hero: Is that… Vane? I figured an epic quest would take longer.
«Scene: Vane The Void while shouldering his sword, looks away from Death's Lair from the edge of a cliff. Shortly after, he looks behind him and notices Hero.»
Vane (The Voidking): Haha! <Hero>? Death chose you to be his champion?
Hero: You… know who I am?
Vane (The Voidking): Do you? In your first life, you were a LEGEND!
Vane (The Voidking): But that was long ago…
Vane (The Voidking): … people no longer sing songs of your deeds.
Hero: That's too bad. Now, give me the key!
Vane (The Voidking): I would hope that the great <Hero> would be something of a challenge.
Vane (The Voidking): …but like your memory, your strength and skills have withered away.
Vane (The Voidking): Still, you're welcome to try and take it from me.
«Scene: Vane crushed Hero with his sword and walks slowly towards Death's Lair while shouldering his sword. Hero comes back to life, being confused a little. Vane looks behind him, witnessing his opponent being alive again.
Hero: Is that all you got, Void King?
Vane (The Voidking): I will make you wish you COULD die.
«Scene: Vane kicks Hero to a broken pillar and then jumps in the air and pierces Hero's chest with his sword. Afterwards, Vane throws sand at Hero, kicks the ground hard enough to dislocate a boulder and makes it land on Hero. Vane looks to the ground after doing so, looks behind him to witness Hero reviving, breaking the boulder in process.
Hero: I'm… really going to need… that key.
Vane (The Voidking): You made a mistake accepting Death's deal, <Hero>.
Vane (The Voidking): The key no longer serves Death, and this world is bound for the void.
Vane (The Voidking): I can't kill you yet, but you are powerless to stop me. See for yourself…
«Scene: Vane grabs Hero by the neck and then proceeds smack them to the ground with force multiple times and then throws them in the air, making Hero spin and fly through the air. Hero spins and flies from Death's Lair to Darkovia, then to Ashfall, next to Greenguard, and finally falling towards Dragonwatch Village. AQ3D's logo appears on the screen on a black background briefly.»
«Scene fades»

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