Mysterious DragonSlayer

Well met. What do you need so importantly that you are interrupting my hunt?

Your hunt?
Yes, my hunt. I head word of Dragonkin creatures prowling around these fields. So I came to put an end to that.
- DragonSlayer Resources

How to Slay Dragons?
Dragons are despicable dangerous monsters!

Their scales are so thick that they repeal most attacks, armor penetration tehcniques are required to slay a Dragon.

That's the reason why most DragonSlayers are former Warriors, they share similar techniques of armor breaking.

Utilize your fellow Warriors and DragonSlayer's abilities to slay these mighty beasts:

DragonKind Hunting
Looking to start the hunt yourself? I have some targets that I have been trying to track down.
If you are able to track down and bathe yourself on the glory of Slaying Dragons I will give you amply reward.
- Hunting DragonKind: Dragon Killer
- Hunting DragonKind: Bull Fiend
- Hunting DragonKind: Dravir Fiend
- Hunting DragonKind: Fiend Dragon
- Hunting DragonKind: FiendZards

Location: Seleden Wasteland

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