Mysterious Items

Location: Mysterious Johnson - House Of Oddities

Name Level Price
Pet.png Master Myrzor Pet uncommonsmall.png dcsmall.png 1 450 Dragon Crystals
Cape.png Master Myrzor Back Shield uncommonsmall.png dcsmall.png 1 150 Dragon Crystals
Armor.png Mysterious Outfit uncommonsmall.png 1 10,000 Gold
Glove.png Mysterious Gloves uncommonsmall.png 1 2,000 Gold
Helm.png Mysterious Top Hat uncommonsmall.png 1 5,000 Gold
Weapon.png Mysterious Cane uncommonsmall.png 1 2,000 Gold
Weapon.png Dual Fortune Cookies uncommonsmall.png dcsmall.png 1 100 Dragon Crystals
Weapon.png Whoopie uncommonsmall.png dcsmall.png 1 75 Dragon Crystals
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