"Happy Mogloween"
Mogloween is our yearly celebration of all things dark, creepy, and spoopy! This years new event, the Masquerade has just opened.

- 2023 Mogloween Items *NEW*
- Mogloween Trove

Past Mogloween Collections
What's Mogloween without costumes?!
- 2022 Mogloween Items
- 2021 Mogloween Items
- 2020 Mogloween Items
- 2019 Mogloween Items
- 2018 Mogloween Items
- 2017 Mogloween Items

- Mystcroft Town!
- Haunted House!
- Zorbak's Raveyard!
- Dr Trollenstein's Lab!
- Masquerade Ball!

Yes, Happy Mogloween! This seasonal event only lasts a short time. The fogs have cleared a path to haunted places like Mystcroft Manor, Trollenstein's lab, the G-"Rave" yard, and the Masquerade.

Use the travel crystals on my menu to travel there. you can use the travel crystal in your inventory to teleport back to your home town at any time. Happy Haunting… mwahahaha!


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