Nature Guardian Book


Hero (Guardian): So this is the Nature Guardian Tower…
Hero (Guardian): What in the world happened in this place?
Hero (Guardian): It is completely overgrown….
Hero (Guardian): This is a Guardian's Book here. Maybe it has a clue.
Nature Guardian Book: "My humanity is slipping away.. soon I will become… like the others."
Nature Guardian Book: "As my shaking hand writes this, the Guardian Dragon of Nature is Dead, and the Tower is under attack…"
Hero (Guardian): Woah! That got dark fast….
Nature Guardian Book: "There is so little time left … This is my last chance to warn you."
Nature Guardian Book: "My last act as a Guardian… As a human… Shall be to tell the story of what happened here in the Nature Guardian Tower."
Hero (Guardian): Aaaaaaaand……….
Hero (Guardian): The rest of the pages are missing.
Hero (Guardian): I bet the monsters have the missing pages. I'll start with those mossy, Verdurous, Zombie-like Guardians.

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