Nature Guardian Book - Fourth Page


Hero (Guardian): Finally… found the 4th page.
Nature Guardian Book: "… My home town was in a forest near here. It was alive and beautiful but now everything is dead… or undead."
Nature Guardian Book: "People now call it… Doomwood."
Nature Guardian Book: "I couldn't stop it. But with the Guardian Artifact's power, I could bring life back to the forest and Save them all!"
Nature Guardian Book: "I asked for help… But was offered to join the Guardians."
Nature Guardian Book: "I took the oath, completed the challenges and I earned my Guardian Armor… Like you must have."
Nature Guardian Book: "I was so proud. I even marked the inside of my armor with the symbol of my town…"
Hero (Guardian): So Silvan just wanted to Save her hometown in Doomwood?
Hero (Guardian): So… How did this go so terribly wrong? Guess I'll find out on the next page.

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