Nature Guardian Book - Second Page


Hero (Guardian): Alright, Let's read this new page and find out what happened here.
Nature Guardian Book: "My name is SILVAN. It's hard to believe it has been a year since I took my oath to become a Guardian."
Nature Guardian Book: "To think, I came seeking the Guardian's help."
Nature Guardian Book: "Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would become a Guardian…"
Nature Guardian Book: "… But they never should have let me join the order."
Nature Guardian Book: "I now know, the Guardian Dragon knew the REAL reason i was here from the moment she met me…"
Hero (Guardian): What was the real reason!? Ahhhhh!
Hero (Guardian): Sometimes I get the feeling when doomed people write journals they intentionally put cliffhangers on every page knowing the page will get scattered.
Hero (Guardian): Onward… to find more pages!

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