New Releases

A couple things to note:

  • Keep an eye on the Patch Notes pages for all updates/bug fixes to the game. We may not include some of them here.

Latest Release


Commands Updated

  • 150% Player and Class XP boost until Thursday, 27th.
  • Two new emotes have been added: Joy and Shoulder Weapon.
    • They can also be performed with the following commands: /joy and /shoulder
  • The Emotes list is now arranged alphabetically.
  • You can hover over an emote to see a tooltip that shows what command to type in the chat bar.
    • Honor emote can be performed by typing /salute for example
  • Fixed an issue with Mages getting stuck in a casting animation if their target is defeated mid-cast.
  • Players can now join ongoing PvP matches if there are less than 10 players present.
    • It's possibly to join an ongoing PvP match until there is 5 minutes left before the match ends
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Daily Quests to not reset.
  • Daily Quests now refresh while you are in-game during the daily reset, relogging is no longer needed.

Previous Release


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