New Releases

A couple things to note:

  • Keep an eye on the Patch Notes pages for all updates/bug fixes to the game. We may not include some of them here.

Latest Release


Adventures Updated
Status Effects Updated

  • You will now take heat damage if you don't have Hydrated buff in Sandsea Desert.
  • Item power variation is now displayed as an icon next to the item power instead of being part of the item name.
  • You can now open news page in game by clicking on a letter in the Character menu before entering the game.
  • Mogloween and TLaPD events have ended to give room for the upcoming events.
  • Hidden Tomb no longer level scales.
  • Daily Boss Area (Woundstock) epicsmall.png items now have a -3 level penalty to their scaling (up from -2).
    • This change is related to the new upcoming feature, Infusion.

Nigel's Gift Basket Delivery
Professor Fuzzybum's Intern
What brings you to the Sandsea? Updated

Bastion Updated
Hidden Tomb Updated
Nigel's Office
Sandsea Desert Updated

Desert Ornithon Updated
Greater Mummy Updated
Great Sand Sea Scarab Updated
Great Sand Worm Updated
Ka-Snek Updated
Ka-Snek the Eternal Updated
Mogra the Mummy Moglin Updated
Mummy Updated
Putrid Beast Updated
Sandorg the Sand Horror Updated
Sandsea Sand Worm Updated
Sandsea Scarab Updated
Sand Shark Updated
Sand Twister Updated
Sand Worm Updated
Tomb Chest (1) Updated
Tomb Chest (2) Updated
Tomb Chest (3) Updated
Vicious Sand Shark Updated
Voidling (Level 31) Updated
Voidrakar Centution Updated
Voidrakar Soldier Updated
Zobekian Tomb Raider Updated

Bobby B. Updated
Craig the Intern
Dahlia Updated
Fahad Updated
Nigel Fuzzybum Updated
Simmi-Tar Updated
Valencia Updated

Bobby B.'s Quests
Craig the Intern's Daily Quest
Hidden Tomb's Quests Updated
Nigel Fuzzybum's Quests Updated
Simmi-Tar's Quest

Bladderwort Crafting Updated
Bobby B.'s Potion Shop Updated
Count Mogula's Crafting Emporium Updated
Cursed Cay Crafting Updated
Dahlia's Refreshment Shop Updated
Darkovia Daily Crafting Updated
Fahad's Caravan Shop Updated
Gorillaphant Crafts Updated
Hidden Tomb Treasures Updated
Hydration Station Specialty Potions
Keep Daily Crafting Updated
Lava Beast Crafting Updated
Simmi Tar's Weapon Crafts Updated
Vault Crafting Updated


Royal Privateer (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Undying Vampire Lord Armor epicsmall.png Updated

Undying Vampire Lord Belt epicsmall.png Updated

Undying Vampire Lord Boots epicsmall.png Updated

Hulking Trophy (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Lord Rathbeorn's Cape (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Undying Vampire Lord Cape epicsmall.png Updated

Undying Vampire Lord Gloves epicsmall.png Updated

Helmets and Hoods
Inferno Helm (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Lord Rathbeorn's Crown (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Ka-Snek's Golden Helm raresmall.png Updated
Tusked Face Shield (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Warfiend's Hood (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated

Misc. Items
Bastion Bucks raresmall.png Updated
Gift Basket for Nigel uncommonsmall.png
Lost Sandsea Scroll uncommonsmall.png Updated
Sandestine Alloy raresmall.png
Sandsea Salt junksmall.png
Sandsea Scarab Carapace junksmall.png Updated
Sand Worm Steak junksmall.png Updated
Sandy Bug Meat junksmall.png Updated
Sandy Fin junksmall.png Updated
Shattered Voidshard junksmall.png Updated

Sand Skull Shoulders raresmall.png Updated
Undying Vampire Lord Shoulders epicsmall.png Updated
Warfiend's Plates (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Warfiend's Spikes (Epic) epicsmall.png guardiansmall.png Updated

Use Menu Items
Moglinade raresmall.png
Salty Sand Worm Sashimi raresmall.png Updated
Water Bottle uncommonsmall.png

Carnivera Scythe (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Carnivera Wand (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Cobrelisk the Sand Scepter epicsmall.png Updated
Crimson Summoner's Staff (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Doomwood Skull Staff (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Doomwood Skull Sword (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Doomwood Skull Warhammer (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Golden Fist Fangs raresmall.png Updated
Golden Snake Scepter raresmall.png Updated
Gorthor's Axe (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Inferno Blade (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Ka-Snek's Fist Fangs raresmall.png Updated
Lycan Bone Sword (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Lycan Howl Daggers (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Lycan Kama Scythe (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Scarab Pincer Claws raresmall.png
Sand Doom Staff raresmall.png
Sandsea Skewer raresmall.png
Sand Shark Reaper raresmall.png
Sand Storm Sword uncommonsmall.png Updated
Sand Worm Splitter raresmall.png
Seed Shooter Pistol (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Sharp Zobekian Khopesh raresmall.png Updated
Ship Scythe (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Smashy McSmashface (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Pirate Trident (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Tusked Kama (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Tusked Blade (Epic) epicsmall.png Updated
Undying Vampire Lord Sword epicsmall.png Updated
Zobekian Khopesh uncommonsmall.png Updated

Previous Release


Exp Charts Updated

  • Level Cap increased to 33!

Exploration Scrolls Updated
Scaling System Updated

  • The items inside dungeons no longer level scale, now they just drop at their base level with power variation (if applicable).

Titles Updated

Broken Lucky Compass
Gil Found!
From Keys to Lamps
Setting Sail Eventually
Meeting Skiffmaster Squint
The Voidrakar in the Sandsea
Welcome to the Sandsea Desert

Bastion Updated
Hidden Tomb Updated
Sandsea Desert

Desert Ornithon
Great Sand Sea Scarab
Sandsea Croc Guard
Sandsea Scarab
Sandsea Sand Worm
Sand Shark
Sand Twister
Vicious Sand Shark
Voidling Updated
Voidrakar Centution
Voidrakar Soldier

Caravan Driver
Croc Guard (NPC) (1) Updated
General Gaspar Updated
Great Sandsea Scarab
Hot Plate Updated
Nigel Fuzzybum Updated
Simmi-Tar Updated
Valencia Updated

General Gaspar's Quests
Hot Plate's Quests
Nigel Fuzzybum's Quests
Sandsea's Quests Updated

Dahlia - Sandsea Caravan
Dahlia's Refreshment Shop
Fahad's Caravan Shop
Fahad - Caravan Crafting
Hot Plate's Food Shop
Paul DeRonn's Crafting Shop Updated
Simmi-Tar's Weapon Shop


Azul Ancestral Sandsea Armor uncommonsmall.png
Crimson Ancestral Sandsea Armor uncommonsmall.png
Stone Ancestral Sandsea Armor uncommonsmall.png
Sandsea Nomad Armor raresmall.png
Tuscan Ancestral Sandsea Armor uncommonsmall.png

Ancestral Sandsea Belt uncommonsmall.png
Sandsea Nomad Belt raresmall.png

Ancestral Sandsea Boots uncommonsmall.png
Sandsea Nomad Boots raresmall.png

Azul Ancestral Sandsea Cape uncommonsmall.png
Crimson Ancestral Sandsea Cape uncommonsmall.png
Sandsea Nomad Cloak raresmall.png
Stone Ancestral Sandsea Cape uncommonsmall.png
Tuscan Ancestral Sandsea Cape uncommonsmall.png

Azul Ancestral Sandsea Gloves uncommonsmall.png
Crimson Ancestral Sandsea Gloves uncommonsmall.png
Sandsea Nomad Gauntlets raresmall.png
Stone Ancestral Sandsea Gloves uncommonsmall.png
Tuscan Ancestral Sandsea Gloves uncommonsmall.png

Helmets and Hoods
Azul Ancestral Sandsea Hood uncommonsmall.png
Crimson Ancestral Sandsea Hood uncommonsmall.png
Sandsea Nomad Helm raresmall.png
Stone Ancestral Sandsea Hood uncommonsmall.png
Tuscan Ancestral Sandsea Hood uncommonsmall.png

Misc. Items
Bastion Bucks raresmall.png Updated
Blueprint for Toy Pet commonsmall.png
Fiery Scarab Curry Voucher raresmall.png
Gifts for The Kiddos commonsmall.png
Letter from General Gaspar commonsmall.png
Loose Sand Shark Teeth junksmall.png
Lost Sandsea Scroll uncommonsmall.png
Paul DeRonn's Late Package commonsmall.png
Salty Sand Worm Sashimi Voucher raresmall.png
Sandsea Scarab Carapace junksmall.png
Sand Worm Silk junksmall.png
Sand Worm Steak junksmall.png
Sandy Bug Meat junksmall.png
Sandy Fin junksmall.png
Savory Sand Shark Stew Voucher raresmall.png
Shattered Voidshard junksmall.png
Squint's Broken Compass junksmall.png
Tomb Spice uncommonsmall.png Updated
Toy-making Components commonsmall.png

General Gaspar Wind-up Toy Pet uncommonsmall.png

Sandsea Nomad Shoulders raresmall.png

Use Menu Items
Fancy Health Potion uncommonsmall.png Updated
Fancy Mana Potion uncommonsmall.png Updated
Fiery Scarab Curry raresmall.png
Health Potion uncommonsmall.png Updated
Mana Potion uncommonsmall.png Updated
Salty Sand Worm Sashimi raresmall.png
Savory Sand Shark Stew raresmall.png

Bastion Broom uncommonsmall.png
Bastion Broom and Bucket uncommonsmall.png
Desert Wasteland Blade uncommonsmall.png
Desert Wasteland Dagger uncommonsmall.png
Scarab Smasher Hammer raresmall.png
Sandblasted Hollow Voidshard uncommonsmall.png
Sand Shark Tooth Dagger raresmall.png
Sand Silk Wand raresmall.png
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