New Releases

A couple things to note:

  • Keep an eye on the Patch Notes pages for all updates/bug fixes to the game. We may not include some of them here.
  • AQ3D is now in Open Beta! Further news and upcoming updates can be found at the Official AQ3D Website.

Latest Release


Character Page Badges Updated
Exploration Scrolls Updated
Titles Updated

Attending the Wedding
Benoit Trelmonté (Cutscene)
Benoit Trelmonté Key Weapon
Confronting Constantine
Defeating Drachus
Great Great Grandfather
Lord Bludregen's Tomb (Cutscene)
Returning to Drachus
Revisiting David
Saving Safiria
Speaking to King Drachus

Darkovia Clock Tower
Darkovia Crypts
Lord Bludregen's Tomb (Dungeon)

Darkovia Castle Ballroom Updated
Darkovia Castle Catacombs Updated
Darkovia Castle Main Hall Updated
Darkovia Castle South Tower
Darkovia Castle Throne Attack
Darkovia Castle Throne Room Updated
Darkovia Castle Waterway

Blood Bat Swarm
Castle Armor Updated
Catacomb Skeleton
Castle Unbound Vamp
Constantine (Monster)
Catacomb Crawler
David Updated
Invading Werewolf
King Drachus (Monster)
King Drachus's Blood Bat
Monstrous Blood Bat
Shadow Death Dealer
Suit of Armor Updated
Vampiric Golem (Monster) Updated
Vampiric Knight Updated

Benoit Trelmonté (NPC)
Constantine (NPC)
King Drachus (NPC) Updated
King Vlad
King's Guard (NPC) Updated
Prince Vlad (NPC) Updated
Queen Safiria
Vampiric Golem (NPC)

Benoit Trelmonté's Quests
Darkovia Castle Quests Updated
Mayor Granemor's Quests Updated

Blood Guardian Crafts
Monster Stalker Crafts


Black Vampire Plate epicsmall.png
Blood Vampire Plate epicsmall.png
Bloodguard Armor awesomesmall.png
Darkovian Formal Attire uncommonsmall.png
Darkovian Formal Suit uncommonsmall.png
Day Walker Armor awesomesmall.png
Gold Vampire Plate epicsmall.png

Black Vampire Plate Belt awesomesmall.png
Blood Vampire Plate Belt awesomesmall.png
Bloodguard Belt uncommonsmall.png
Day Walker Belt awesomesmall.png
Gold Vampire Plate Belt awesomesmall.png

Black Vampire Plate Boots awesomesmall.png
Blood Vampire Plate Boots awesomesmall.png
Bloodguard Boots uncommonsmall.png
Day Walker Boots awesomesmall.png
Gold Vampire Plate Boots awesomesmall.png
Unbound Vamp Boots uncommonsmall.png Updated

Blood Vampire Back Shield epicsmall.png
Black Vampire Back Shield awesomesmall.png
Gold Vampire Back Shield awesomesmall.png

Black Vampire Plate Gloves awesomesmall.png
Blood Vampire Plate Gloves awesomesmall.png
Bloodguard Gloves uncommonsmall.png
Day Walker Gloves awesomesmall.png
Gold Vampire Plate Gloves awesomesmall.png
Unbound Vamp Gloves uncommonsmall.png Updated

Helmets and Hoods
Black Vampire Helm awesomesmall.png
Black Vampire Raised Helm epicsmall.png
Blood Vampire Raised Helm awesomesmall.png
Blood Vampire Helm epicsmall.png
Bloodguard Helm uncommonsmall.png
Day Walker Glasses epicsmall.png
Gold Vampire Helm awesomesmall.png
Gold Vampire Raised Helm epicsmall.png

Misc. Items
Blood Vial awesomesmall.png
Bloody Fragment awesomesmall.png
Cursed Ashes uncommonsmall.png
Darkovia Creature Sample commonsmall.png Updated
Fangs commonsmall.png Updated

Black Vampire Plate Shoulders awesomesmall.png
Blood Vampire Plate Shoulders epicsmall.png
Bloodguard Shoulders awesomesmall.png
Gold Vampire Plate Shoulders awesomesmall.png

Use Menu Items
Castle Armor Summoning Potion awesomesmall.png

Black Vampire Lance awesomesmall.png
Blood Vampire Lance epicsmall.png
Bloodguard Great Sword awesomesmall.png
Day Walker Punch Dagger uncommonsmall.png
Gold Vampire Lance epicsmall.png
Lycan Style Cleaver uncommonsmall.png
Red Vampir Bloodblade awesomesmall.png
Royal Vampire Guard Halberd awesomesmall.png
Searing Vampire Blade awesomesmall.png
Silver Vampire Bloodblade awesomesmall.png
Vampire Great Sword awesomesmall.png
Vampire Guard Halberd awesomesmall.png
Vampire Rapier awesomesmall.png
Werewolf Hunting Gun epicsmall.png


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