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A couple things to note:

  • Keep an eye on the Patch Notes pages for all updates/bug fixes to the game. We may not include some of them here.
  • AQ3D is now in Open Beta! Further news and upcoming updates can be found at the Official AQ3D Website.

Latest Release


Character Page Badges Updated
Titles Updated

Welcome to Pointe Less! Updated

Class Trainers Updated
Pointe Less Isle Updated
Woundstock Updated

C. A. T. E. Mk2

Annette Updated
Emma Oakenfield

Emma Oakenfield's Daily Quest

2018 Summer Collection (Shop) Returns
2019 Summer Collection (Chest)
2019 Summer Collection (Shop)
Gorillaphant Crafts
Kahuna Crafting Updated


Kua Fu's Armor (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Kua Fu's Armor (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Nommo Scales (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Nommo Scales (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Salamander Armor awesomesmall.png

Crate Codex epicsmall.png
Kua Fu's Belt (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Kua Fu's Belt (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Nommo Waistwrap (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Nommo Waistwrap (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Salamander Belt awesomesmall.png

Kua Fu's Boots (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Kua Fu's Boots (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Nommo Caudal Fins (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Nommo Caudal Fins (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Salamander Sandles awesomesmall.png

Broken Trophy junksmall.png
Hulking Trophy (Level 14) awesomesmall.png
Hulking Trophy (Level 21) (Awesome) awesomesmall.png
Hulking Trophy (Level 21) (Epic) epicsmall.png
Hulking Trophy (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Hulking Trophy (Level 7) uncommonsmall.png
Legion Back Surfboard (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Legion Back Surfboard (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Lord Rathbeorn's Cape (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Nommo Dorsal Fin (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Nommo Dorsal Fin (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Salamander Cape awesomesmall.png
Scuba Tanks (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Scuba Tanks (Non-DC) epicsmall.png

Kua Fu's Gloves (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Kua Fu's Gloves (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Nommo Pectoral Fins (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Nommo Pectoral Fins (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Salamander Gloves awesomesmall.png

Helmets and Hoods
Inferno Helm (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Kua Fu's Helm (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Kua Fu's Helm (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Lord Rathbeorn's Crown (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Nommo Gills (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Nommo Gills (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Salamander Fascade awesomesmall.png
Salamander Mask awesomesmall.png
Summer Floral Headband (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Summer Floral Headband (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Snorkel (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Snorkel (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Tusked Face Shield (Level 1) uncommonsmall.png
Tusked Face Shield (Level 14) awesomesmall.png
Tusked Face Shield (Level 21) (Awesome) awesomesmall.png
Tusked Face Shield (Level 21) (Epic) epicsmall.png
Tusked Face Shield (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Tusked Face Shield (Level 7) uncommonsmall.png
Warfiend's Hood (Level 27) awesomesmall.png

Strange Tusk uncommonsmall.png
Summer Collector's Chest 2019 legendarysmall.png dcsmall.png

Sun Pet (DC) legendarysmall.png dcsmall.png
Sun Pet (Non-DC) legendarysmall.png

Nommo Shoulder Emblem (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Nommo Shoulder Emblem (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Salamander Shoulder awesomesmall.png
Warfiend's Plates (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Warfiend's Spikes (Level 27) awesomesmall.png guardiansmall.png

Sufin' Beachbones (DC) legendarysmall.png dcsmall.png
Sufin' Beachbones (Non-DC) legendarysmall.png
Beachbones (DC) legendarysmall.png dcsmall.png
Beachbones (Non-DC) legendarysmall.png

Use Menu Items
Creepy Seed junksmall.png
Heat-seeking Water Balloon awesomesmall.png
Water Balloon awesomesmall.png

Axe of Fins (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Axe of Fins (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Carnivera Scythe (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Carnivera Wand (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Crimson Summoner's Staff (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Doomwood Skull Staff (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Doomwood Skull Sword (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Doomwood Skull Warhammer (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Gorthor's Axe (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Inferno Blade (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Kua Fu's Dagger (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Kua Fu's Dagger (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Kua Fu's Spear (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Kua Fu's Spear (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Lycan Bone Sword (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Lycan Howl Daggers (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Lycan Kama Scythe (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Mali's Wake (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Mali's Wake (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Salamander Battleaxe awesomesmall.png
Salamander Hand-Axe awesomesmall.png
Scepter of Fins (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Scepter of Fins (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Seed Shooter Pistol (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Smashy McSmashface (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Squirt Gun (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Squirt Gun (Non-DC) epicsmall.png
Tusked Blade (Level 1) uncommonsmall.png
Tusked Blade (Level 14) awesomesmall.png
Tusked Blade (Level 21) (Awesome) awesomesmall.png
Tusked Blade (Level 21) (Epic) epicsmall.png
Tusked Blade (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Tusked Blade (Level 7) uncommonsmall.png
Tusked Kama (Level 1) uncommonsmall.png
Tusked Kama (Level 14) awesomesmall.png
Tusked Kama (Level 21) (Awesome) awesomesmall.png
Tusked Kama (Level 21) (Epic) epicsmall.png
Tusked Kama (Level 27) awesomesmall.png
Tusked Kama (Level 7) uncommonsmall.png
Umbrella Lance (DC) epicsmall.png dcsmall.png
Umbrella Lance (Non-DC) epicsmall.png

Previous Release


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