Nigel Fuzzybum

Bastion's Resident Historian
The history of this land is as expansive as the desert itself. Luckily for you, I happen to be an expert on the subject.

Who are you?
Oh, my! What a delightful question. I am the world's leading scholar on the history of the Sandsea. I have devoted my life to studying and chronicling this land's past so that its wonder and grander may be appreciated and valued for ages to come.

Have you seen Valencia?
Are you looking for Ms. Shurehunter? She's currently residing in my office. Seemed like a reasonable thing to do after that business with the rebels today, with her being an outsider and all. One can never be too careful.

Lost Scrolls of the Sandsea
I'm always in the mood to share in the history of this great land.
- Lost Scrolls Quest

Read the Sandsea Scrolls
Complete 'Lost Scrolls Quest' to unlock dialogues
Let's see what these scrolls you've found have to say… Where should we begin?

Requires completion of the 'Return to Bobby B.' quest to access this quest
- Oh yeah! The statues...

Requires completion of the 'Scarab Exterminator' quest to access this quest
- Craig's Letter of Rec.

Requires completion of the 'Lost Scrolls of the Sandsea XXXVIII' quest to access this quest
- A Token of Historical Appreciation

Location: Bastion

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