Nigel's Gift Basket Delivery


Nigel Fuzzybum: A gift basket? Why, whatever is this for?
Hero: It's a gesture from Craig.
Hero: He's hoping it'll persuade you into writing a glowing letter of recommendation for him.
Nigel Fuzzybum: My word. He's really gone above and beyond to…
Nigel Fuzzybum: Sandestine Alloy? Is this what he's been busy with?
Hero: You seem kind of underwhelmed by it.
Nigel Fuzzybum: It's because I've already finished my findings on the material ages go.
Nigel Fuzzybum: It's no doubt an impressively strong alloy…
Nigel Fuzzybum: …but the magical properties stated in the Ancient Ornithon Schematic were a bit embellished.
Hero: I see…
Hero: Well, he also prepared lunch for you.
Nigel Fuzzybum: Splendid! Because I am positively…
Nigel Fuzzybum: Oh… Salty Sand Worm Sashimi… again.
Hero: Is there a problem?
Nigel Fuzzybum: Craig always seems to confuse this dish with my preferred meal, Savory Sand Shark Stew.
Hero: Ah… I see.
Nigel Fuzzybum: Yes, Craig isn't the sharpest intern I've had.
Nigel Fuzzybum: Still, I admire his spirit and ambition.
Nigel Fuzzybum: Thusly, I do say he's earned that letter of recommendation he so desires.
Hero: That's good to hear!
Nigel Fuzzybum: And I wager you will get more use from this Sandestine Alloy than I would.
Nigel Fuzzybum: Now, I must figure out what to do with this… lunch.

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