Nightmare Labyrinth

Dungeon Level 5+ (Scaled)
Difficulty: Normal
Recommended Players: 5
You may think your dreams are safe, but when Fleshette is around you may never wake up! Find her hat and claw, hidden somewhere in her twisted labyrinth, and then it's time to go to her home turf and end this nightmare for good!




Boiler Room


  • N/A


Lobby: Camp Cabin
Party Size: 5
Access Points:



  • Abnormal Fleshider wanders inside the corridors.
  • Counters appears on wall alerting nearby wall spike trap, increasing as time passes, and getting close when the numbers are red the trap is activated.
    • Some wall spike trap has no counter.
  • Certain walls appears and disappears when you get close.
  • Fake Floors requires Levers to be pulled to become Real Floors.
  • Pulling the First lever spawns Clawette.
  • Fleshette's Hat and Claw is needed to access Boiler Room.
    • Fleshette's Hat and Claw spawns randomly and has different events for each location.
  • Wicked Fleshider and Abnormal Fleshider spawns when Fleshette's Hat and Claw is collected, defeating them opens the passage to Boiler Room.

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