No Eyed Willy's Quests

Quest Location: Wreck of The Vengeance Lobby
Quests Begun From: No Eyed Willy

  • You must be level 1 to complete these quests.
  • You must have Golden Doubloon in your inventory to access these quests.
  • Quests 1 to 10 can only be completed once.
  • Quest 11 is repeatable.

No Eyed Willy
Do ye know what has kept me walking so long after I died? It be me thirst for Doubloons! My greed keeps me chained here but if ye come across any of the shiny, golden Doubloons while ye search The Vengeance, bring them to me straight away!

Items Required:


  • 20 35 Gold
  • 200 350 Exp
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