No Home But All Beans


Bobbert Bobfield (Newly Homeless): Stop! Someone, help me!
Merchant of Death 1: No one is coming to help you, little beanie-bobbie! We're in the middle of the woods, haha!
«Scene: Merchant of Death 2 throws beans at Bobbert.»
Bobbert Bobfield (Newly Homeless): Wh- hey, stop that!
«Scene: Merchant of Death 2 throws more beans at Bobbert.»
Bobbert Bobfield (Newly Homeless): STOP THROWING BEANS AT ME!
«Scene: Merchant of Death 1 throws beans at Bobbert and throws his hands in the air.»
Merchant of Death 1: Nice I got one in his ear that time!
Hero (Hero of Lore): Hey! Cut that out!
Merchant of Death 2: How about you mind your own business!
«Scene: Hero smacks Merchant of Death 2.»
Merchant of Death 2: Ow! Okay. Geez! Being paid below minimum wage isn't worth getting smacked around like this.
Merchant of Death 1: Wait, you get paid? I was told this exposure would be great for my bandit career!
Bobbert Bobfield (Newly Homeless): Are we really doing this right now? Hero! My knight in shining armor, please go get the key to my house back from these thugs. One of them must have it!
Hero (Hero of Lore): I'm on it! And hey! If I come back and you guys are still throwing beans at him, I'll hit you again! HARDER!

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