No Honor


«Scene: Legate Tactus jumps at the Hero, but Constantine intervenes by stopping him from harming the Hero.»

Constantine: <Hero> Beat Ragnar, Tactus.
Legate Tactus: This is absurd! This thing is prey!
Legate Tactus: Prey has no rights.
Constantine: By our laws, they are free to leave here and walk around the Conclave.
Constantine: I was taught that out honor is what separates us from the Vampires.
Constantine: Was senator Sevro wrong to teach me this?
Constantine: Have you no honor, Legate Tactus?
Legate Tactus: You would tell me our laws, pup?
Constantine: Someone clearly needs to educate you.
Legate Tactus: If half of the Conclave wasn't here watching so you could hide behind the law…
Constantine: If you'd rather settle this the old-fashioned way…
Legate Tactus: Grrrrrrrr.
Legate Tactus: … Congratulations, <hero>.
Legate Tactus: Welcome to the Lycan Conclave.

«Scene: Legate Tactus turns around and leaves frustrated.»

Hero: Thanks, Constantine.
Constantine: We have much to discuss.
Constantine: Come speak to me in the senate chamber as soon as you can.

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