No More Violence!


Zhoom (Rebel Leader): Enough!
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): Cease this senseless violence at once!
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): <Hero> is no enemy of ours.
Hero: Wait, you know me?
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): I've had my eye on you since your arrival at Bastion.
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): I've seen the good you've done for the people there.
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): Though I am preplexed by your dealings with Sekt.
Hero: Believe me, it's not a situation I'm comfortable with, but It's something that must be done.
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): Well, consider me intrigued.
Zhoom (Rebel Leader): Come, let us discuss the reasoning for your sudden visit to our camp.

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