Not So Immortal


Baron Belgosi (Vampire): A vant to suck your bl…
Hero: Hey now!
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): EAaaaAaaAaaAAH!!! You're avake?
Hero: I knew I would be sticking my neck out for the final mask…
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): Yes, stick your neck out again if you vould not mind.
Hero: I already know you're a vampire.
Hero: Give me your mask.
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): The nerve!
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): How dare you tell ME what to do?!
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): I am vampire royalty!
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): A noble by my blood right
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): I am immortal.
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): You… are just a lowly human snack!
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): And for your insolence…
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): An example must be made of you.
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): Die in terrible festering agony, <Hero>!
Baron Belgosi (Vampire): Heeeeeaaaaayyyaaaa!
«Scene: <Hero> attacks Baron Belgosi. »
Hero: !!!!
Viscount Vincent (Masquerader): You just one-shotted Baron Belgosi!
Hero: I barely hit him.
Hero: What did he have… one hitpoint?
Archiducissa Weaver (Masquerader): It doesn't matter, you killed him!
Hero: Technically… he was already undead.
Archiducissa Weaver (Werewolf): Well, now he is a dead… undead!
Viscount Vincent (Masquerader): That doesn't even make sense.
Hero: So, do I just take the mask?
Viscount Vincent (Masquerader): You can't! He has to give it to you willingly.
Archiducissa Weaver (Masquerader): Slaying Baron Belgosi dispelled the mask's power.
Viscount Vincent (Masquerader): I am afraid your quest has come to an end.
Hero: ……
Hero: Can I put him back together?
Archiducissa Weaver (Masquerader): Do we really want to?
Archiducissa Weaver (Masquerader): <Hero>, seriously… do you want to try to humpty dumpty the vampire?!
Viscount Vincent (Masquerader): Technically… it could work.
Viscount Vincent (Masquerader): Just gather up all his dust, bits, and artifacts in a pile and add a drop of (100% rated E) red liquid that may or may restore his corporeal form.
Archiducissa Weaver (Masquerader): But his pieces were scattered all over the dance floor when you dusted him!
Hero: No worries. I got this!

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