Not Your Typical Snowglobe


Hero: What in the world…
Mysterious Johnson: Not your typical snow globe, is it?
Hero: Can't say I've seen a snow globe that has… flecks of dried blood in it…
Mysterious Johnson: Likely an effect from the Dreadrite Demon that dwells inside the Globe's Cabin.
Hero: A Dreadrite Demon?!
Mysterious Johnson: Afraid so. And the Dreadrite Demon appears determined to find a way out of its spherical prison.
Mysterious Johnson: Mysterious Johnson has already sent three adventurers into the snow globe to investigate…
Mysterious Johnson: Hackett, a brutish warrior, Tempyst, a deadly rogue, and Augie, a clever mage.
Mysterious Johnson: But none of them have returned.
Mysterious Johnson: One can presume that evil things are afoot inside that eerie cabin…
Mysterious Johnson: And if it's not stopped soon, that evil could escape and spread across Lore.
Mysterious Johnson: Unless… someone were to volunteer to stop said evil.
Hero: Let me guess, that someone is me?
Mysterious Johnson: Mysterious Johnson wasn't going to presume, but if you insist…
Mysterious Johnson: Then you must enter the Cabin in the Globe!

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