Nulgath Larvae


Price: 1,500 Dragon Crystals
Level: 1
Description: What's that you say? Me? No one of importance, I just have knowledge of the Abyssal arts and the Nation, this mini version of me will serve you well.

  • This item was on sale for 1,125 Dragon Crystals from 10th of January, 2024 until 7th of February, 2024.
  • You may only have one of this item.

Nulgath's Larvae Form
What's that you say? Well, I simply used some extra souls I had to create this mini version of me.

Nulgath's Larvae Quests
I have a repertoire of task ready for you Minion, complete them and I will reward you with precious gems for your Nation artifacts.
- Nulgath Larvae: Evil Elemental
- Dark Crystal Shards: Mandible's debt
- Diamond of Nulgath: Nulgath (Larvae) is Kind
- Nulgath Larvae: Out of Luck?
- Gem of Nulgath: Nulgath's "Gift"
- Gem of Nulgath: Challenging the Archfiend

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