Oblivion Servant


Price: N/A (Reward from the 'Hire! Malakai, the Contract Enforcer (Repeatable)' quest)
Level: 1
Description: "Simple mortal, you do not control me, I simply serve for you because Nulgath demands it!" It's good to have Oblivion by your side. Even if not willingly.

The eternal Servant of Nulgath, his unwavering faith allows him to create Totems of Nulgath for you, given the correct circumstances have been met.
Note: You may only have one of this item.

The Eternal Servant of Nulgath
I'm here to serve in the name of Nulgath. Don't misinterpret this; only on his will am I aiding you.

Oblivion Servant's Quests
My specialty is to distribute Totems of Nulgath, objects of worship of my own creation, to venerate and praise the greatness of our ArchFiend, Nulgath.
- Servant Quests. Totem of Nulgath

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