Ocean Surface (Challenge)

Dungeon Level 5+ (Scaled)
Difficulty: Normal
Recommended Players: 5


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Lobby: Ocean Surface Lobby
Access Points:

Party Size: 5


  • There are four spots where Cannons can be used to deal a lot of damage to monsters.
  • When brought down to 80% health, Sea God gets the Protection buff that reduces the damage taken by 50% and summons one Sea Monster Tentacle.
    • When brought down to 30% health, Sea God will start summoning two Sea Monster Tentacles instead.
  • After all the Sea Monster Tentacles have been defeated, Sea God's Protection buff disappears and becomes stunned for 12 seconds.
    • When the stun is over, Sea God gets the Protection buff back and resumes summoning Sea Monster Tentacles periodically.
    • Yuki's Submarine will bring Ammo Packages to the arena when Sea God gets stunned and after his defeat.
    • They drop the items needed to build (Spare Parts) and use (Salvage Cannonball) the Cannons.
  • The Dark Breath and Lift Havoc skills from the Sea God will apply the Darkness for 8 seconds, causing damage over time and shrouds you in darkness.
  • If you fall off the arena, you will spawn in the 2nd image.
    • Using the floating planks gets you back to the arena.

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