Ocean Surface (Raid)

Dungeon Level 40+
Difficulty: Challenge
Recommended Players: 10


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Lobby: Ocean Surface Lobby
Access Points:

Party Size: 10


  • In order to enter this challenge, you must join a queue by interacting with Yuki Jin in Ocean Surface Lobby.
  • There are four spots where Cannons can be used to deal a lot of damage to monsters.
  • When brought down to 80% health, Sea God gets the Protection buff that reduces the damage taken by 50% and summons two Sea Monster Tentacles.
    • Sea God takes little to no damage from everything besides the damage dealt using Cannons when this buff is active.
  • When brought down to 30% health, Sea God will start summoning four Sea Monster Tentacles instead.
    • Sea God will also start summoning Blow fish. They will get attempt to get close to you and blow up, dealing damage.
  • When brought down to 20% health, Sea God and will start using the Bringing down the house skill, becoming untargetable and summons 4-8 weaker Sea Monster Tentacles which will use the Break it skill.
    • If all Sea Monster Tentacles survive and manage to finish casting the Break it skill, the arena will break and the encounter will end.
  • After all the Sea Monster Tentacles have been defeated, Sea God's Protection buff disappears and becomes stunned for 12 seconds.
    • When the stun is over, Sea God gets the Protection buff back and resumes summoning Sea Monster Tentacles periodically.
    • Yuki's Submarine will bring Ammo Packages to the arena when Sea God gets stunned and after his defeat.
    • They drop the items needed to build (Spare Parts) and use (Salvage Cannonball) the Cannons.
    • Flares can also be obtained and they are used to signal the nearby pirate ships to shoot cannonballs to deal damage to monsters, but they can deal some damage to players as well.
  • The Dark Breath and Lift Havoc skills from the Sea God will apply the Darkness for 8 seconds, causing damage over time and shrouds you in darkness.
  • If you fall off the arena, you will spawn in the 2nd image.
    • Using the floating planks gets you back to the arena.

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