Omen Confronted


Omen (Void Knight): You're quite skilled, <hero>.
Hero: This is over, Omen. Reed is getting confirmed.
Hero: Why did Vane want Reed stopped ?
Omen (Void Knight): One Greenguard mystic falls and another rises.
Omen (Void Knight): It's another pointless cycle.
Omen (Void Knight): The voidking needs the world to see this.
Hero: I don't think Reed would consider his life pointless.
Hero: Vane would let Greenguard forest magically spread out of control…
Hero: … he would destroy Battleon and everyone who lives there… just to prove a point ?
Omen (Void Knight): You're just as blind as the rest of them.
Omen (Void Knight): The amount of lives lost is as meaningless as the cycle itself.
Omen (Void Knight): All that matters is ending it… and ending you!
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): The Heartwood has claimed Omen.
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): This will be the fate of any of Vane's servants who set foot in my forest.
Reed (Greenguard Mystic): Let's go. The voice of the forest is waiting.

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