Open Beta?


Hero: What's this OPEN BETA thing anyway?
Zorbak: Wait, the game's in OPEN BETA already?
Zorbak: Oh man… game's gonna be swarmed with noobs.
Zorbak: It means everyone can play now while development continues.
Hero: You mean the game's not done?
Zorbak: Done? Hahaa…
Zorbak: *Wipes Tear* Oh heck no. No… this sucker's being built under your feet as you play it.
Zorbak: Artix Entertainment games start small and grow huge over time.
Zorbak: Which is great if you like shaping the direction of a game.
Zorbak: You can even suggest ideas on the website…
Hero: Is this game going to be updated weekly like the other games then?
Zorbak: WEEKLY!? Are you crazy?
Zorbak: This is a True-Cross Platform 3D MMORPG…
Zorbak: Maybe in the future…
Zorbak: But right now the releases come out at exactly "When they are Ready-O'Clock"
Hero: So what *IS* coming out next?
Zorbak: Eh, last I checked it was new Features, Areas, Monsters, Weapons, Items, Quests….
Zorbak: You really should just check on your lunch breaks.
Zorbak: Unless you don't know how to read.
Zorbak: Wait… do you know how to read, don't you?
Hero: Uh, how could I be responding to this if I did not know how to read?
Zorbak: The responses are automatic, you might just be spamming the next button!
Zorbak: Or… *gasp*… you might….
Zorbak: No…
Zorbak: What if you are not a real person at all…
Zorbak: What if in real life.. you are actually a video game character… being played by someone else!
Hero: Game-ception…..

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