Ore Delivered to Poniard


Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): Oh, hello. I don't think I've seen you before.
Hero: Just another new cog in the weapon-forging machine.
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): Maybe you could give me a few tips? I don't really know what I'm doing…
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): Ah, poor sod. There's no worse fate than this.
Hero: Than… making cool swords? (Pretty sure I can think of worse things…)
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): You wouldn't understand, I suppose.
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): That sword is far less "cool" when it's helped to destroy your home.
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): And when you were the one who crafted it…
Hero: You blame yourself.
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): Indeed. And here I am, doomed to forever repeat that same mistake.
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): Forging the weapons that will enable Nulgath's army to destroy the homes of countless others.
Hero: Including mine…
Hero: But Nulgath's troops aren't the only ones who could use these weapons.
Hero: I could forge my own weapon… A weapon as strong as the Oblivion Blade.
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): Indeed, you could. Sometimes one cannot defend without taking up arms.
Poniard (Pensive Blacksmith): I could not save my own home, hero. But perhaps I can help you save yours.

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