Paladin Everett Sunguard


Paladin of the Golden Onslaught
On behalf of the Golden Onslaught, can I count on your help? Our Leader's son, Victor, is after some fabled sword. He believes it has the power to slay Dage and his Undead Legion. It's a fool's errand, of course. But do you think he'll listen to reason? Bah.

Please, hero, find him and bring him back home. He has disappointed his Father enough already.

- Go to Seleden Forest (New! Nulgath Saga Part 1)
- Fiend Hunting?
- Nulgath Collection I
- Nulgath Collection II *NEW*

Golden Onslaught?
The Golden Onslaught is a righteous order of Paladins who have dedicated their lives to cleansing Lore of evil. We will not rest until the land is safe form all things diabolical.


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