Passage To Skorpienne's Pyramid


Zhoom: So let me get this straight… Sekt used you in order to be granted a new wish, and now he's with the Keeper of Death?
Hero: Yes, and before you say "I told you so," I get it. I messed up by trusting him.
Zhoom: Oh, that's putting it lightly… we're beyond fortunate that Skorpienne refused Sekt's wish!
Zhoom: That said, I am curious as to why the Keeper would invite Sekt to her pyramid if she has no desire to grant his wish…
Hero: I'll find out soon enough when I go there.
Zhoom: To Skorpienne's pyramid? How?
Hero: The Djinn said he would grant me passage to Skorpienne's pyramid when the time was right.
Hero: Though I'm not sure how I'm supposed to find out…
Zhoom: And what do you hope to accomplish when you're there?
Hero: Call me stupid, but maybe it's not too late to convince Lord Sekt to do the right thing.
Zhoom: Fine. You're stupid.
Hero: I fell right into that one.
Zhoom: You can't possibly still believe that Sekt can be reasoned with…
Zhoom: Or that Skorpienne would allow there to be a happy resolution to all of this.
Zhoom: The only way to prevent Sekt from making things worse is to…
Zhoom: Oh… now it makes sense why Sekt is there…
Hero: What do you mean?
Zhoom: Well…
Khal-No'Bir (Calling From Beyond Time and Space): It is time, <Hero>. Return to the entrance of the Great Pyramid for passage to the Ethereal Pyramid.
Khal-No'Bir: Do not keep Skorpienne waiting…
Hero: Ah… so that's how.
Hero: Well, there's no time to waste.
Zhoom: Wait… it's not wise for you to go up to Skorpienne's pyramid alone. Let me come with you.
Hero: Doing things considered "unwise" is kind of my thing.
Hero: Besides, what happened with Lord Sekt is my mess, and it's my responsibility to clean it up.
Zhoom: Very well. Go, my friend. And give Sekt my regards.

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