Hero: I got the key to the lower levels of the Caretaker's Watchtower.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): Ashen's Ghost actually let you walk out of there with part of his trove?
Alata (Fairy Dragon): That's… unheard of.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): What did you say?
Hero: It wasn't all my doing.
Hero: Ashen said that the dragons that come here to pass on…
Hero: …Their souls aren't leaving. They are being trapped.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): TRAPPED? That's… There is no word in the common tongue for how awful that is!
Alata (Fairy Dragon): What is trapping them?
Hero: I'd bet it has to do with whoever hired the Defilers.
Hero: I hope Zakaru can tell us more.
Alata (Fairy Dragon): We should go ask him right away!

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