Petition Denied


Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): I'm sorry. I'm going to have to decline your appeal.
Franklin (Totally Innocent): What? But… but you haven't even looked at it!
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): Yes, and I deeply sympathize. But I'm afraid there's nothing I can do.
Hero: Is there someone else we can talk to? A manager, maybe?
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): The Head of Admissions is who you'd need to speak with. But I'm afraid she's far too busy at the moment.
Franklin (Totally Innocent): Augh! This is terrible! I'll never get out of here at this rate.
Hero: Listen… Help Makai… maybe I can clear out some of your workload. Would that help?
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): Oh, yes! We would all be most grateful.
Help Makai 187 (Customer Service): If you do that, I will take a look at Mr. Franklin's account personally.

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