Pets? (Cutscene)


Hero: I didn't know Battleon had a Pet Shop! So you sell pets?

Aria (Pet Shop Owner): I do. I also sell pet food, grooming supplies and I'm also the local animal doctor.
Aria (Pet Shop Owner): It doesn't matter if you like to quest solo or with a group of heroes, a pet is always a nice addition to your adventures

Hero: Where do you get them from?

Aria (Pet Shop Owner): Some I hatch or breed myself. Others I find out in the wild, injured or abandoned.
Aria (Pet Shop Owner): I nurse them back to health but some of them get too used to people to survive along in the wilderness.
Aria (Pet Shop Owner): I train and sell those as animal and monster companions for heroes like you!
Aria (Pet Shop Owner): Take a look around. Maybe you'll ind a new friend you want to take adventuring with you!

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